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Tasker APK V5.6.1 Free Download For Android – Latest Version 2019

Tasker APK is an automation app for Android users. You can create any number of task on it and they can be executed as per the given instructions. Tasker is a very useful app for most Android users as we don’t get enough time to remember many and do it. Apps like this can help us to organize various tasks without forgetting them. Tasker app is a very popular app in automation apps genre and you can get this from the Google Play store by paying $2.99. But there are people who don’t want to spend money to get such apps. For them, there is an APK version of this app. You can download Tasker APK and use it on your device to perform various actions.

Actions could be anything like simply turning on or off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. Complex tasks like sending app-specific media or control commands through third-party plugins.

Download Tasker APK V5.6.1 For Free – Latest Version 2019

DeveloperJoão Dias
Size3.3 Mb
No of Downloads3,37,680+
CompatibilityAndroid 2.0 & Above
Last updatedDec 6, 2018

Tasker Features

There are many features available for this app. You can use them to make your day to day tasks easy.

  • It contains more than 200 built-in plugins to support all your tasks.
  • Create an individual task and combine it under a project name or also check some Tasker profiles.
  • Use repeat task feature to create custom repeat pattern for recurring task
  • Use smart actions such as adding locations, get in touch with contact without leaving the app, assign tasks to connect with social media accounts etc to perform your tasks quickly.
  • Set reminders on your tasker app using reminder features and get notified
  • To organize your GTD workflow you can set task context.
  • You can customize the UI as you want by changing the icon look, its positions, and many other elements
  • This app allows you to create your own apps using available features and you can sell it on the Play store
  • You can find extensive actions, events, and states when you use this app. All of them will be helpful to you in each situation.

How to Download & Install Tasker for On Android Phones

Tasker App is available to download from Google play store. But it is a paid app. So, many people search for free versions of this. You can follow the steps given below and download free APK version of Tasker app.

Download APK


  • First of all, enable the installation of apps from third-party source by going to Settings >> Security >> Enable or tick “Unknown sources”.
  • Next, download the tasker .apk file from any of the links above.
  • Open the downloaded apk file & tap Next to start the installation process.
  • Tap on install, wait for few seconds. 
  • Wait for few seconds, Tasker will be installed shortly.
  • Open the open, and agree of the terms of conditions when it prompts.
  • Congrats, now you successfully installed Tasker app on your Android device. 

Now you can create or add any profiles according to your need, make sure you download the latest version of the app or else it may not support your device.

Important Tasker Terms 

Actions – Action means a function or feature to perform something on an Android device. Tasker supports more than 200 actions from 21 categories

Tasks – A Task is a group of action that takes place within the device. This could be a trigger or context that is executed manually

Context – Context means situation or conditions where the execution of a task associated with.

Profile – Profile is a package of context and linked tasks. You can include several contexts for a profile and all those must be true to run a linked task.

Variable – Variable is something that is constantly changing. For example, date, time, battery level etc

Scene – This is a place where you can create your own UI like the layout of buttons, menus, and other elements as you wish.

Project – A group of profiles, scenes, variables, tasks etc can collectively call a project.

 How does Tasker work?

When you open the Tasker apk, you can see four tabs. They are Profiles, tasks, scene, variables etc. If you want to give a task tap on it and add a task name, there. Then you can assign actions to that task. There are some inbuilt actions from which you can select a task from it. You can also use the search tab and search actions you want to assign to a task.

This is the easy way to build task if you have an idea about what you want to assign. After selecting the action, you can execute it by pressing the play button. You can automate actions by setting a particular time also. If this isn’t your cup of tea, then you should check out few tasker alternative apps or go with Blackmart Alpha app store to get started automation.

Final words

This is a very useful app for people who want to customize their phone and make it work for themselves. Tasker APK is very simple to use if you get the whole operations process well. You can practice it by experimenting with new things. There is a beginner mode and an advanced mode to make your process easy. UI of the tasker app is very simple and easy to use. No need to know complex codes to make it work.

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